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Barbeque Poultry Seasoning Bundle

The absolute single best thing you can cook on a barbeque in terms of juiciness, flavour, and presentation is chicken or turkey. When you taste a barbequed chicken done right over charcoal you will never go back. 

The word roast comes from a very old Germanic word means an iron grid. The iron grid  in question was used over a fire to cook meat. In French to roast means to torture with fire. Roasting means intense heat directly from the fire. Bake on the other hand comes from an ancient Greek word for warm. The truth is that in a modern oven you are baking your poultry. You will not believe the difference when you roast it instead.

Roast Chicken is one of our few herby dry rubs with traditional flavours including the classic Simon and Garfunkel combo of parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme! Beautiful in stuffing or gravy.

Turkey hits more robust and spiced notes with luxury spices such as mace and Spanish oak smoked paprika along with a little heat from cayenne and a little sweet from Demerara sugar. Turkey is also amazing in and on turkey burgers.

Hot Wings is a bit of fun, but a serious flavour. Loaded with 3 types of chilli powder including ghost pepper and then intensified with onion, mace, and black pepper.

Try all three on one bird - Roast Chicken on the inside (or in stuffing), Turkey on the breast and back, and Hot Wings on the wings and legs. Three times the flavour!

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